mardi 9 juin 2009

A World Without Romania

As I understood, this movie was produced to promote Romanian beer. Besides the fact that I love a cold glass of beer on a hot summer day, this movie points out a few of the many things that Romanians can be proud of. 

BBS - EU Elections Quiz in Pictures

Deeply outraged  by BBS attitude and lack of verified information.

Once again, Romania and Romanians can look in the Western "mirror" to find themselves pictured as ... an old lady with apparent Gipsy origins.  This is all that BBC found representative for Romanian people and their traditional outfits. 

I am deeply sorrowed by the lack of cultural information from the part of BBC jurnalists and their unreliable sources of information. Dear BBC journalists, "Muzeul Satului" - the museum that preserves the traditions of my people through outfits, pottery, houses, household objects etc - describes in pictures the traditional outfits of Romanians. There is a big variety proving (for the eyes of those who want to see) the diversity and the cultural richness of the Romanian people. The information is available at a mouse click on your screen. 

Shame on YOU for this discriminatory picture. Gipseyies are minority, Romanians are a nation. Romania has the highest unofficial number of Gipseyies across Europe, but this doesn't give the right to any journalist to confound them. But in effect, it is no Romanian nor Gipsey woman in your image, dear Mr/Miss BBC Journalist, as you can check the pictures below.

Romanian children in traditional outfit (from Satu Mare country):

Parade at Iasi: Gipsey's traditional costumes and dances (2009, Gipsyies/Rroms International Day)

So dear BBC Journalists, can you truly say that your picture is representatives for a Romanian in a traditional outfit? Or even for a Gipsey in a traditional outfit? What can you say to make me - your reader - think that you are not discriminating Gipseyies nor Romanians? 

What your picture show, dear mister/miss BCC Journalist, is a simply country woman who probably wears what she considers to have best in her wardrobe during the election day.  You might judge her as having or not having a good taste in fashion, but not labeling her clothes as Romanian traditional outfit.